Mode & Distinction Plus was established by Johanne Cadieux in 2009, who is still the owner.

In her early twenties, Johanne worked in the family business and already knew, like her father, that she had entrepreneurship. Having studied in psychology, she pursued a different path for a number of years by practicing in that field. Eventually, she needed to re-orient herself and decided to return to her first calling, the great business adventure.

There are infinite possibilities when going into business. The idea of going into plus size woman clothing came from her sister Diane who was wearing plus size clothing and unfortunately died a number of years ago. Johanne always found her sister handsome with her curves. She also remembered the challenges that she encountered in trying to find unique clothing of quality.  After an exhaustive search, Johanne was pleasantly surprised to find that numerous suppliers were offering exciting collections to meet the needs of 14+ customers for all of life’s occasions.

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For Johanne, beautiful clothes is defined by style, not size. She believes that offering a choice of beautiful clothes is one element of serving well her customers. She learned from her experience in family business management that serving well customers is at the base of a successful self-respecting business. When you will meet Johanne at the store, you will be warmly and genuinely welcomed. Her mission is to properly meet your clothing needs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

For the past 11 years, the store has been increasingly thriving. It is the unique experience offered that has allowed the store to truly stand-out. Johanne works hard to adapt to your needs and to always renew her collections and clothes.

In order to adapt to evolving digital trend, the store is implementing a new ecommerce platform that will be accessible with computers and mobile devices. The store remains committed that your shopping experience be pleasant, whether it be online or in the store.