To have perfectly fitting clothes, you must know precisely the size of your waist, breast and hips. Other measurements, such as shoulder width, arm length and circumference, and thigh circumference can also be very useful. Having your waist, breast and hips measurements is enough information to find the right fit for you.

Some tips for taking good measurements :

  • Write your measurements on a sheet of paper.
  • Ask another person to take your measurements.
  • Wear appropriate underwear and fine clothing.
  • Use a supple measuring tape.
  • Breast measurement is taken at the level of the tips of your breast. Wrap the measuring tape around your breast where it is widest.
  • For your waist measurement, go around your body at the level of the belly button with a tape. Insert under the tape two fingers perpendicular to your body, to avoid taking a measurement too tight.
  • For your hips measurement, pass the tape around your buttock where it is widest.


With your measurements at hand, you can then contact us at (819) 205-1491 or by email at boutique@modedistinction.ca. We will gladly help you select the right size for the clothes you wish to purchase.